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Connect With RGVHIE to Better Serve Patients

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Limited time offer $$ Get Funding to Help Cover Connection Costs

Are you interested in implementing an HIE system, but intimidated by the cost? We have the perfect solution for you. For a limited time, funds may be available to help you connect with RGVHIE.

**Funds available may only be used for one time interface fees. EHR vendor fees may apply.**

The Benefits of Connecting with RGVHIE Include:

HIPAA-compliant data sharing with other healthcare providers.

HIPAA-compliant data sharing with other healthcare providers.


Real-time notification of hospital visits (admit, discharges, or ER) for active patients in your practice.

Attain Meaningful Use and prepare for MACRA requirements.

Dona��t miss out on this limited time opportunity.

Now accepting registrations

Implementation takes up to 6 months, so get started today while funding is still available